Power Button - Episode 181: A Year Of Destiny
New Nintendo 3DS Coming To North America

The Challenges Of Mega Man

Dr. Wily logoMega Man Legacy Collection for the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and PC offers something besides the first six original Mega Man games: a new challenge mode.  Snippets of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System titles are cut up and rearranged in thematically similar structures and require the player to complete them before time runs out.  Watch as I run through a few of these challenges.  I'm not a time attack fan, nor a speedrunner, nor a perfectionist.  I'm out for fun.  If poor Mega Man dies along the way, so be it.  Embarrassingly enough, I was actually chatting my way through these levels while I was livestreaming this video, but found out after the fact that the microphone was muted, so you'll just have to imagine all of the hilarious and insightful commentary that I had to offer.