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Back To The Future Coming Back For PS4, Xbox One

Back To The Future: The Game

Telltale Games has received a lot of critical acclaim for its Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead adaptations, but those powerhouse properties have blasted away attention from what I believe to be the company's finest effort: Back to the Future.  Trilogy film writer Bob Gale teamed up with the company back in 2010 to create a five episode series continuing the adventures of Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and the town of Hill Valley which was released as a downloadable title for last generation consoles.  Now, on the thirtieth anniversary of the original film, Telltale is bringing the game to the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One as a budget-priced retail disc.  If you missed out on the game before, don't make the same mistake again!  For more on Back to the Future: The Game, dig into the Power Button podcast archive for Episode 36 in which we spoke with the new voice of Marty McFly, AJ LoCascio, and stay tuned for a future episode of the show focusing on the games based on the iconic films.