Power Button - Episode 179: Who Do You Trust?
What Is This? A Pinball Table For Ants?

Health Update

Dr. MarioYou've probably noticed how quiet things have become here at PTB in the past month, and if you're read my work for long enough, you've probably guessed that I'm once again having some health issues that have kept me away from writing.  After a year of remission, my Crohn's Disease has come roaring back with a vengeance which has kept me from being able to do much else besides sleep in my free time.  I have new medication that is keeping me stable and am awaiting more new medicine beyond that, but in the meantime, I'm focusing more on recovery and rest than I am on video games.  Blake Grundman and I are still trying to record and release new episodes of the Power Button podcast, and I have to thank him for helping me record the show in a way that allows me to only spend a few minutes preparing the final edit of each episode rather than the usual two hours I spend on the show each week.  Stick with me, folks.  I will be back.