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Fifteen Minutes With Star Wars: Rebels Pinball

Happy Star Wars Day to you all!  If you need a Force fix mixed with some pinball action, I'd recommend you check out the new pinball table Zen Studios based on Star Wars: Rebels.  Now, I don't know a thing about Rebels or any of its characters, but I do know pinball, so when Zen sent me a free copy of the table for the Sony PlayStation ecosystem, I was eager to dig in and learn the ins and outs of it.  I'd never have guessed that my first time playing the table would last nearly twenty minutes and rack up a high score.  I captured the last fifteen minutes of my performance (the maximum length of the PlayStation 4's video capture buffer) and now bring you a replay of that amazing feat.  Get comfortable and watch as the missions pile up and multiball sessions run wild.  Let's join the game already in progress.