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N64 And DS Games Coming To Wii U Virtual Console

Yoshi's Island DSNintendo releases expanded the Virtual Console library at its leisure, so years after announcing that it planned to add Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS classics to the Wii U service, today it was revealed that classics like Super Mario 64 and Yoshi's Island DS are on the way at last.  In fact, those two titles are available right now on the Wii U's eShop.  Games are priced at $9.99-$11.99 (or $2 if you already own the N64 game in question for the Wii's Virtual Console) and $6.99-$9.99 respectively depending on the title.  Future releases include Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart DS, Paper Mario, Yoshi Touch & Go, and WarioWare: Touched.  It's great to see more titles available from Nintendo's back catalog, but I think it's hilarious that the shallow Touch & Go is held up as a DS classic.  The rest are fun games and are highly recommended.  Check out the Virtual Console portion of the latest Nintendo Direct to learn how the Wii U GamePad can be configured to play these upcoming releases.