Meet The Battletoads
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Battletoads Coming To Shovel Knight

BattletoadsSpeaking of the Battletoads, today Yacht Club Games announced that not only is it bringing last year's indie smash Shovel Knight to the Microsoft Xbox One, but a few special guest characters are along for the ride.  While the Sony PlayStation family of Shovel Knight ports will feature God of War's Kratos, the Xbox One version reintroduces Rash, Zitz, and Pimple for their first gaming appearance since 1994.

The Battletoads, who debuted on the NES in 1991, are going to be returning in the Xbox One version of Shovel Knight! It has been so much fun to bring the radical attitude and gameplay of the NES classic to the Shovel Knight world. If you have ever played Battletoads– we’re pretty sure their extreme adventures left an impression!

I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous of this; I'd rather see the Battletoads than Kratos, but since I don't play in the Xbox realm, I'll have to watch from a distance.  There's a brief teaser trailer of the 'toads in action as they drop into action (Pimple is even riding one of the infamous speeder bikes from the Turbo Tunnel level).  This all seems to be leading up to a future announcement of a proper new Battletoads game.  I'm especially curious to see where all of this eventually goes.  For more on Shovel Knight, be sure to listen to Episode 138 of the Power Button podcast.