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Street Fighter II Arrives On Virtual Boy

Hyper FightingCapcom's famous Street Fighter II has been ported to all kinds of gaming hardware from classic to modern, but the strangest and most unlikely place it's appeared so far has to be on Nintendo's quickly discontinued Virtual Boy platform.  It's not an official product, of course; fans have brought the game to the failed system under the title Hyper FightingKotaku has compiled the story:

Homebrew games have existed in the still-active Virtual Boy community for a while now, and someone finally took a shot at making Street Fighter II. The project has been floating around for a few years, but only recently came to fruition and into the hands of a few lucky collectors.

It's a complete release, too, with custom cartridges and boxes.  Even though Nintendo moved on from the Virtual Boy long ago, I'm glad to see it still has a following out there and inspires enough interest to see the best games of its generation ported to it.  Passion for projects like this is what keeps the fan community going.