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Gold Mario AmiiboIf you think it's difficult to track down regular amiibo figurines, just wait until Nintendo releases special gold and silver variants of beloved characters like Mario.  A little snooping around Nintendo's website today revealed the existence of the special edition versions, although there's no word on when or where you'll see them available (and Nintendo has removed the PDFs that revealed all of this in the first place).  I've heard speculation that these are everything from contest prizes to extremely limited edition items for sale to retailer exclusives to the final Club Nintendo platinum and gold level prizes for this year.  Here's what Engadget knows:

An eagle-eyed NeoGAF poster dug up the furtive figurines on Nintendo's site, but it looks like the box art is all the info we've got so far. We've asked Nintendo what's up, but for now you can start prepping your riot gear to ensure you make it out of the store alive when the bloodbath for these toys begins. Nintendo's already sold more than 2.6 million Amiibo, and the demand doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon.

I'm sure the eBay scalpers are salivating even as we speak.  Personally, I'm hoping that these become the final Club Nintendo prizes.  That seems to be the only way that average folks like you and me will ever have a chance to own one of them.  If they're contest prizes, someone will cheat the leaderboards or flood the contest with bogus entries; if they're for sale somewhere, scalpers will snatch them all up before the rest of us even know that they're available.  It's just the way the amiibo market works, sadly.  If figurines like Marth and Wii Fit Trainer represent an uncommon allotment, I can't imagine how rare the gold and silver figurines could possible be.  Is it somehow possible to manufacture a negative number of an item?