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Power Button - Episode 167: Get Out Of My Dreams And Into My Console

Power Button Wants Your Mega Man Questions Now!

Mega ManUPDATE: We received a lot of great questions via Twitter and were able to ask them all.  Listen for the answers on a future episode of the podcast!

READY?  After months of lead-in, it's finally time.  We're recording the big Mega Man episode of the Power Button podcast tonight in which we're joined by three of the biggest voices in Mega Man publications: Ian Flynn (the writer behind Archie's Mega Man comics), Matt Moylan (Managing Editor of UDON Entertainment, publisher of blue bomber art books), and David Oxford (author of The Robot Master Field Guide).  You've heard them all separately on past shows, but this is the main mega event!  Do you have a question for them about writing for or about Capcom's beloved franchise?  Ask it now!  We'll include the best questions on the show.  Send us your questions by replying below, sending a tweet to @PressTheButtons, or calling our trusty voicemail hotline at (720) 722-2781 and leaving a brief message.  You may just hear yourself on the air!