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A Mario Paint Music Remix Is Hiding In Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is the gaming gift that keeps on giving as fans are still finding new things about it weeks after release.  Consider this unused medley remix of music from 1992's Mario Paint, for instance, whicn incorporates sections of the title theme, one of the primary background themes, elements from the in-game music editor, and even the chanting from the famous sit-up cartoon.  The Cutting Room Floor lists the other songs found on the Smash Bros. disc which include several Mii-related themes and a remix medley of Nintendo Land music.  Speculation is that this material will be part of the upcoming new stage based on Miiverse.  Either way, the Mario Paint remix does justice to the original source material and will surely make you smile if you spent hours making your own animations on the Super NES back in the old days.