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Wii Fit UA few months ago I told you about how I started with Nintendo's Wii Fit U for my exercising and fitness needs, so I thought it was worth checking in to let you know how the program is working for me.  I wear the game's Fit Meter both at home and when I'm out, so it's tracking an accurate picture of my movements.  Wii Fit U will take a look at my weight and your activity level and then come up with a daily goal of calories to burn.  I started at 580 calories to burn each day, and since I work in a largely stationary office job, I only burn about 230 calories during the workday.  I have to fill the gap when I get home with a workout.  Thankfully, the weather has been so nice outside lately that I've been able to finish my daily goal by walking several miles in the evening.  I'm up to walking four to five miles each day, music blasting from the online cloud and Fit Meter beeping with progress.  It's a good feeling to come home after having met my goal; the remaining calories burned before going to sleep (usually about 150) are a bonus.

So with all of that walking going on, I haven't needed to use the Wii Fit U software at all for actual exercise.  That'll change once the weather tips back towards the perpetual Florida heatwave we call summer here beginning in March, but until then I'm happy to be out in the breezy mild winter.  I still use the software's Quick Check app to track my weight and over the course of using it since I last wrote about it in November, I've lost three pounds (my goal, as you'll recall, was to neither gain nor lose anything since I'm at my target weight, but I can live with three pounds lost).  Of course, Wii Fit U is a video game at heart, and what happens in video games when you prove you can meet the challenge set by the game?  The difficulty level increases!  Just last week the system set my new daily calorie burn goal at 680 calories each day.  Time to add more miles around the neighborhood, I guess.  I'm going to need a longer music playlist.

By the way, don't forget that I've created a custom Miiverse community gym for Press The Buttons readers.  The code to access the gym is 0922-3622-7333 which is input in the community gym options section.  Come join up!  We can all motivate each other.