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2014 Box Art Walk Of Shame

Winx Club: Saving AlfeaAt the end of each year over at GamesRadar, Lucas Sullivan looks back over the many video game releases that graced store shelves in the past fifty-two weeks and compiles a snarky list of the worst box art that the industry has to offer.  As 2014 came to an end, I was concerned.  The annual list had yet to appear.  I reached out to Lucas with concern via Twitter.  Where was the article?  Had the terrible artwork finally driven him to the breaking point?  Was it all finally just too much for him to handle?  Say it ain't so!

Whew!  Thankfully, patience has been rewarded as the feature published today and, my goodness, there are some clunkers on there.  From major first-party releases to the latest in shovelware and beyond, no game with stock art, Photoshop errors, or uninspired ideas is safe.  Witness Pac-Man's angry Kirby eyebrows, a murderous Sherlock Holmes, a game with art so lazy it couldn't even be bothered to display its entire title on the box, a racist Mahjong game, Sonic the Hedgehog looking bored, and my personal favorite: cut and paste faces.

On the day that they finally cart me off to an insane asylum, I'll be screaming 'THE FAIRIES! THEY HAVE THE SAME FACE! IT'S A COPY-PASTE JOB FOR TWO CHARACTERS WHO ARE STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! CAN'T YOU SEE IT?! AHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!' Decades after my death, the truth about Winx Club: Saving Alfea will finally be uncovered, and my name will be posthumously cleared of all criminal charges.

Thank you, Lucas, for risking it all to bring us this list each year.  You're doing the important work that the rest of us dare not attempt.