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Uncharted 4Naughty Dog debuted our first look at Nathan Drake leaping and shooting his way through Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for the Sony PlayStation 4 at the PlayStation Experience event today, showcasing a long look at Nathan Drake doing his usual climbing, leaping, and shooting routines against enemies while in search of treasure.  Is it more of the same of what we saw in the other Uncharted games?  Sure, but it's difficult to complain about that when the end result is so much fun.  I see a lot of what I loved about the other entries in the series happening here, but larger and much more detailed.  I trust that bigger set pieces are still to come, but for a first look, I'm satisfied.

The PlayStation Blog is quick to point out that what we're seeing here is a pre-alpha version of the game, so let's hope that some of the oddities (such as Drake falling through the game's world into oblivion) are fixed by the time the finished version of the game releases.  I know we're all still stinging over the release of so many broken games recently, but remember that Uncharted 4 is far from finished and there's still plenty of time to fix these problems.  In the meantime, though, we can have a laugh at the expense of other broken games.