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Street Fighter VIt's a good day to be a Street Fighter fan if you own or plan on buying a Sony PlayStation 4.  At the PlayStation Experience today it was announced that Sony and Capcom have partnered to bring last generation's Ultra Street Fighter IV to the PS4 in Spring 2015 with all of the previously released costume DLC included in the package.  The bigger news, however, is that they've also partnered to create the all-new Street Fighter V exclusively for the PS4 and PC, plus players will be able to play against one another across the two versions.  Now we're talking!  The PlayStation Blog has plenty of screenshots.

I'm excited about both of these announcements.  I've hoped that USFIV would end up on the PS4 pretty much since it was announced for the PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, while a new Street Fighter sequel is always welcome.  Curiously, Sony's close partnership with Capcom on these means that as with Nintendo funding Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive, Street Fighter V is a PS4 console exclusive apparently for all time.  Capcom's staff have gone on the record several times in the past year that there was no budget for a PS4 version of Ultra, nor was there any money available for a full big budget sequel.  Without Sony's direct involvement, it seems that neither project would have happened.  Perhaps major publishers adopting unlikely games as console exclusives is becoming the major next trend in development.