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Mega Man 2Recall that cold, gray December day back in 2012 when the Mega Man 3 Remade chiptune remix album brightened things up and you'll remember how awesome it was to listen to the songs of Capcom's classic Nintendo Entertainment System title filtered through a simulation of Konami's special VRC6 chip.  Now here we are in December 2014 just in time for the same chiptune composer, RushJet1, to return with another installment in the series with Mega Man 2 Remade.  Yes, it's all of your favorite Mega Man 2 tunes have been given an audio upgrade with extra sound channels.  Air Man, Quick Man, and Bubble Man are all here as well as multiple remixes of the famous Dr. Wily stage themes performed in different styles.  The album is available to stream for free or download for a fee.  I don't know what's next for this project, but I'd love to hear Mega Man 4 given this treatment.  Can you imagine what the VRC6 chip could do for Toad Man or Pharaoh Man?  Such wonderful things...