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Let's Try Zen Pinball 2's New Venom Table

Zen Studios is about to release its new pinball table featuring Spider-Man's dark side counterpart Venom, but since the company sent me the table early, I went ahead and broadcasted my first hour and a half playing it to Twitch last night.  If you missed the stream, you can catch up right now (or until Twitch deletes the video, whichever comes first).  Since it's my first time with the table I can't say that I'm that great at it, although during my time with it I did manage to trigger the special Black Suit Multiball and, another time, open up the Carnage jailbreak sequence.  My high score for the night was around twenty-five million which I think is pretty good as a starting point.  Join me as I try to figure out the table and have a good time.  I fire up the Twitch stream every time I play my Sony PlayStation 4, so be sure to subscribe to my Twitch channel so you don't miss a thing.

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