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Be A Part Of Power Button's Year-End Episodes

Kirby at the micWe're planning the final Power Button podcast episodes of the year which means it's time to speak up and be a part of the fun.  It's almost time for our annual Game Of The Year show, so call our voicemail hotline at (720) 722-2781 and leave a message in which you talk about your pick for the year's best game.  We're also prepping a News Of The Year show in which we discuss the year's biggest gaming news (both good and bad), so feel free to call in and leave a message about your picks for that topic, too.  You might hear your call on one of these episodes.  We do all of these shows just for you, so let us know you're out there by telling us what you think of 2014's gaming highs and lows.  For the full list of upcoming episodes through the end of the year, check out the Power Button episode list.