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Weekly Poll: A Terrible Fate

Weekly Poll for 10-20-2014It's an even split on Amiibo interest.  I'm interested in them, although I can't see myself buying the entire series the way that I've heard some people are planning to do.  I just want a Mario for training a customer fighter in Super Smash Bros., a Kirby for my desk, and I suppose a Link to get the spinner weapon in Hyrule Warriors.  At $13 each, these purchases are not all happening at once.  As future games incorporate more Amiibo content, I'll take each figure on a case by case basis.  Unlocking extra Mii costumes in Mario Kart 8 won't drive me to buy more figures, but if, say, Kirby became a playable racer by placing his Amiibo on the GamePad, I'd have to pick up the purchasing pace.  For my wallet's sake, let's hope it never comes to that!

Speaking of things Nintendo wants us to buy, last week the company announced it's readying a remake of the Nintendo 64 release The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the 3DS.  Are you interested in this latest Zelda remake?  Let's hear your thoughts.