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Follow That Boat In Grand Theft Auto V

I finished Grand Theft Auto V last year when it was released for the Sony PlayStation 3, but now that the game is back for the PlayStation 4, I can't help but revisit the world of Los Santos to see what's new.  I've been doing some livestreaming of the game on Twitch and have captured some highlights to the PTB YouTube channel.  Here's one of my favorite early missions in which Michael and Franklin team up to rescue Michael's son who has been kidnapped following an attempted yacht sale gone wrong.  It's up to the duo to chase down the stolen boat while bantering and forth (here's your profanity warning).  Watch what happens and see just how quickly it can all go wrong.  It's a shame that the licensed soundtrack doesn't export to the stream (at least, I can't hear it on playback).  Most of the car chase was set to Boston's "Peace of Mind" which makes any action scene even better.