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The Colbert ReportI haven't written about the horrific GamerGate movement that has roots in harassment and threats towards women in the gaming industry ("actually it's about ethics in game journalism," GamerGate's supporters say, but no, it's not) because to do so turns oneself into a metaphorical lightning rod, but now that Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert has tackled the ongoing toxic cesspool that is the movement and torn it apart with his usual deft comedic style, I just have to share this video from last night's episode of The Colbert Report in which he explains just what has been going on lately in the gaming community and invites media critic (and frequent harassment target) Anita Sarkeesian to offer her commentary on the matter.

I'd hoped for a while now that someone like Colbert or Jon Stewart or John Oliver would cover GamerGate and shine some satirical mainstream sunlight on it. I honestly don't understand how people can be so broken and twisted as to spew the kind of vile, hateful things that they do.  That level of anger just doesn't exist in my worldview.  Disagree with someone, sure, but keep it civil and respectful.  The majority of the video gaming community has worked so hard in the past few decades to bring games up to the standards of legitimate media that everyone everywhere can enjoy without being mocked and now this small subgroup is doing their damnedest to tear it all down because they fear voices different from their own having a say in matters.  People of all cultures, races, and genders enjoy games today.  That's amazing and wonderful!  It puzzles me that there are voices out there that see this as not just a bad thing, but as a perceived end to their way of life.  More people interested in contributing a positive change to video games can only be a good thing.