It's Been A Long Time, Stargate Defender
Power Button - Episode 149: Crossover Madness

Mario, Luigi, And Pikachu Make Up The Wiivengers

Pikachu, God of ThunderJames Farr is at it again.  From the man that brought us the fantastic Super Mario/Ghostbusters mashup cartoon comes Marvel's Avengers film crossed with Nintendo's characters.  Marvel (pun semi-intended) at The Wiivengers featuring Mario as Iron Man; Link as Captain America, Luigi as the Incredible Hulk; Princess Daisy as Black Widow, Pit as Hawkeye; and, in what has to be the best stunt casting of all time, Pikachu as Thor.  They team up to fight Waluigi's Loki as he attempts to conquer the world.  You'll have to watch to see who plays the Agent Coulson role.  Parody cartoons in this style are usually a crude dime a dozen, but Farr's work has heart and honors the works from which it draws inspiration.  Take four minutes and watch it.  It'll make you smile.