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Let's Hope This Is The Captain Toad Amiibo

Captain ToadNintendo is set to launch the first wave of its new Amiibo figuines in November with a second wave to follow soon after.  Super Smash Bros. is the marquee title to use the NFC-capable toys, although other Nintendo titles such as Mario Kart 8 (already released) and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (due out in December in North America) will also integrate them somehow in some unannounced fashion.  All of the currently announced Amiibo designs are based off of badass Smash poses which is great, but if there's going to be a Captain Toad Amiibo to match with his game, then we're going to need a Captain Toad figurine that matches the character's trademark optimism.

With that in mind, I really hope that this official Nintendo artwork seen here is the model for it.  It's adorable!  Have you ever seen a Toad looking so enthusiastic and ready for adventure?  I'm initially limiting myself to just a Mario figurine (because it's Mario) and the Kirby model (because I want him to sit on my desk), but if this Captain Toad design makes it to stores, I'll have to bend my rule and pick him up too to sit alongside Kirby.  He's just too exuberant not to bring home.