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It's Been A Long Time, Stargate Defender

NewsRadioMany years ago I told you to rush out and see the "Arcade" episode of TV's NewsRadio in which a man rediscovers his addiction to a beloved arcade game from his past that ruined his life, but did you ever get around to it? Uh huh, yeah, that's what I thought.  Here's what I wrote about the episode back in 2006:

In "Arcade" the office sandwich machine is removed and replaced with a 1981 Stargate Defender arcade machine ("From the glory days before the 16-bit processors").  The station's news manager, Dave Nelson (Dave Foley), is rattled when he first sees the game, demanding that it be removed from the office.  His secretary convinces him to allow it to stay because it'll make more money for the station than the sandwich machine did.  Before long we learn of Dave's history with the game; back in high school he was addicted to the game and spent every free moment of his life at the arcade.  His obsession eventually cost him a college scholarship, as he stayed up the entire night before the SATs playing the game (although he did earn a high score of over 1.2 million points).  Eventually the machine calls to him at work and he winds up playing the game all night into the next day, and soon after the game is taken away by the secretary and replaced with a fortune teller machine, forcing Dave to head to the local arcade to play his beloved Stargate Defender.

Fortunately I'm still looking out for you which is why I'm directing you to YouTube where someone has posted the entire episode.  Also watch for the equally hilarious subplot in which newsman Bill McNeill (Phil Hartman) rediscovers his old addiction, too: spoiled sandwiches from a vending machine.  Video games and junk food, together again.  The stereotype lives on.  Short attention span?  Here's a condensed version that runs five minutes instead.