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Simon Belmont Deserves A Shot At Smash Bros.

'Pixel' Simon Mini Figure A crossover franchise like Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. practically invites fans to pitch their dream roster inclusions; ever since rumors of Sonic the Hedgehog appearing in Super Smash Bros. Melee spread years ago, players have asked for plausible inclusions (Mega Man, Solid Snake) and unlikely choices (just about any anime character).  One of my favorite characters who has yet to appear in Smash but has clearly earned the right is Castlevania's Simon Belmont.  The famed vampire slayer has been left out of the action so far, and I'm not the only one rooting for him to appear in some future installment.  David Oxford over at Poison Mushroom has assembled seven reasons why Belmont deserves a shot at Smash.

The Castlevania titles have featured many, many protagonists over its 28-year history, so who could– who should be the one to have the honor? Though opinions have differed strongly, many have gravitated towards none other than Simon Belmont for one reason or another.

Arguments against range from there being more prominent protagonists over the years, and also that there have been more consistent members of the cast, including Dracula himself (around whom the series always tends to revolve in one way or another), who could also be represented by his alter-ego, Soma Cruz, or even his son, Alucard, who has some shared abilities and starred in one of the franchise’s most beloved entries, Symphony of the Night. Conversely, seeing as that beloved entry has never graced a Nintendo platform (Sony, SEGA, and even Microsoft, yes; Nintendo? Never), Alucard feels more like he belongs in the “maybe” pile.

Here's hoping that Belmont is hidden away inside the new Super Smash Bros. titles for Wii U and 3DS somewhere and that people who have been leaking information about the game just haven't found him yet.  Considering Castlevania's history with Nintendo platforms and how Belmont is still, after all these years, the face of the classic incarnation of the franchise, he deserves to stand alongside other iconic characters like Mario, Pac-Man, and Mega Man.  C'mon, Konami.  Help make it happen!