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PlayStation Home To Close In 2015

PlayStation HomeSony is pulling the plug on its PlayStation Home virtual world for the PlayStation 3 next year, bringing an end to dancing in the public square and spending real money for virtual clothes for your avatar to wear.  Kotaku has the story.

PlayStation Home, Sony's long-running (though never exactly beloved) attempt at creating a PlayStation 3 social hub one part Xbox Live and one part Second Life, is finally being put out to pasture. There, on March 31st, 2015, it will presumably be shot, with maggots and vultures ultimately avoiding the body because they'd rather play Call of Duty.

The platform will cease publishing new content on November 12th of this year, and you'll only be able to download new things until December 3rd.

I can't say I ever found a point to PS Home.  I spent a little time with it when it launched back in 2008 and I checked in here and there over the years whenever some interesting event lured me back, but aside from buying in-game clothing or playing the simplistic games-within-the-game, there was nothing to do.  Strangers milled around everywhere, dancing and gesturing and acting like the usual idiots protected by anonymity.  I understand why Sony tried to make PS Home work; there was a time when virtual environments such as Home were poised to be the next big thing before Facebook simplified the whole mainstream idea down to status alerts.  Do any of you out there have fond PS Home memories?  Will you miss it once it's gone?  Or did you delete it from your PS3 ages ago and never looked back?