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Post-Surgery Health Update

Dr. MarioI wanted to take a moment to update you all on my current health now that my latest hospital stay has come and gone.  I've been out of the hospital for just under a week now following my latest digestive surgery.  I had another piece of intestine removed and had the remaining tissue reconnected.  It's been a rough year, to say the least.  I'm doing well now though.  I'm eating again, my pain is under control, and I have a medical vacuum attached to my abdomen to facilitate healing.  Basically, it's a small vacuum pump that attaches to surgical packing in my still-open surgical wound that sucks together the healing tissue and drains away fluids.  I have to lug the pump around with me and keep it plugged into the wall for several hours per day to recharge it.  Remember at the beginning of the first Iron Man movie when Tony Stark was hooked up to an electromagnet powered by a car battery that he had to carry around with him?  That's basically me right now minus the cave and box of scraps. 

So I'm resting for the rest of the month now so the wound can heal and I can finally get back to my old routine.  I won't be able to do any strenuous exercise for a long time, so I've already bought myself a Wii Fit U kit to be able to at least do some sort of physical activity while I heal.  I can't start on that until next month at the earliest, but I'm ready to go when the time comes.  For now I'm just passing the time with video games, television, and sleep until I've built up my strength again to go back to work.  Thanks to everyone who continued to follow along on PTB while I was away and the site was essentially on autopilot.  It continues to mean a lot to me that even in my absence, you all come to read the articles and listen to the podcast.