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Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Puzzle Panels Revealed

Kirby's Dream LandOne of the charming things about the Nintendo 3DS's Mii Plaza mini-game experience is the puzzle piece collection challenge.  StreetPassing with someone nets you a chance to acquire a new puzzle piece as part of a "gotta catch 'em all" game to assemble murals of Nintendo's popular characters and video games.  Complete an image and it comes to life in 3D.  With so many puzzle available and the difficulty of collecting enough StreetPass tags to put a dent in the number of pieces one needs to complete an image, it's worthwhile to check out the StreetPass San Diego group which has assembled a gallery of many of the puzzles in full complete animated action.  It's great eye candy, and while it's no substitute for completing the puzzles on your own, it's nice to be able to see what we're all working toward.