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Hyrule Warriors Offers Retailer-Specific Preorder DLC

Hyrule Warriors

Retailers offering different packs of downloadable content as a preorder incentive is nothing new, but now Nintendo is getting into the act along with Koei Tecmo by offering a variety of costume packs at GameStop and Amazon for those who reserve the upcoming Hyrule Warriors for Wii U.  GameStop has the exclusive The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time costumes for Link and Zelda, while Amazon offers Twilight Princess variants.  A Skyward Sword pack is believed to be on the way from a still-unannounced retailer.  Zelda Informer has the news.

I hate to see Nintendo adopting the practice of splitting DLC across retailers, but so long as the content is offered later on the eShop, we'll learn to live with this just as we have every other practice that leaves a sour taste in our collective mouth.  At least the costumes look detailed enough to be worthwhile.  It would have been easy for Nintendo to crank out quickie outfits for these variants, but Link and Zelda really do look like their original game counterparts in these images.