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Captain AmericaWhen Zen Studios launched its Zen Pinball 2 pinball platform for the Sony PlayStation 4, it did so with just a piece of its table library from the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game.  The fans cried out for more though, so the company is poised to deliver next week when fourteen more tables will be added to the PS4 version.  Those who already own the newly added tables on PS3 or PS Vita can import them into the PS4 version for no additional charge (but remember that it doesn't work the other way around).  Here's Bobby Loertscher with the details via the PlayStation Blog:

Starting on July 15th, PS4 owners can download previously unavailable tables from the PS3 and PS Vita versions, allowing fans of the series access to a more complete collection. You asked for it, and we delivered.

Players who downloaded any of the tables listed below on PS3 or Vita originally will be able to import them to the PS4 version of Zen Pinball 2 for FREE starting next week. If you didn’t pick them up for PS3 or Vita previously, prices are listed as follows:

    • Marvel Pinball Vengeance and Virtue –Ghost Rider, X-Men, Thor, Moon Knight ($9.99)
    • Classic Pack –Tesla, V12, Shaman, El Dorado ($9.99)
    • Fantastic Four ($2.99)
    • Captain America ($2.99)
    • Marvel Civil War ($2.99)
    • Super Street Fighter II Tribute ($2.99)
    • Mars ($2.49)
    • Excalibur ($2.49)

I love the timing on this.  Just last week I was set to stream some Captain America pinball action in honor of Independence Day until I realized that Captain America wasn't part of the PS4 table collection.  Starting next week, it will be.  I'd like to thank Zen Studios for taking my suggestion and running with it on such short notice.  But seriously, this is great service from Zen and Sony.  Cross-buy for PS4 products seems to be few and far between, so whenever these companies can team up to bring their past products to the current platform for no extra charge, it's greatly appreciated and goes to show part of why I'm a dedicated Zen customer (the other part is that they create fantastic content).