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Weekly Poll: Feeling Twitchy

Weekly Poll for 2-24-2014The Weekly Poll feature has taken a few months off due to my recovery from surgery and unpredictable writing schedule, but I think it's time to get it back on track as a regular feature. When we left off last time, I asked if you saw you collection of purchased but unplayed video games as a shameful or prideful stack.  Most of you feel great shame at letting those games sit idle, but if you remember Episode 121 of the Power Button podcast, you know that I consider my unplayed games to be a badge of honor.  Thanks to the recent Steam summer sale and some great deals on Nintendo's eShop, let's just say that I'm very prideful these days.  Also a little poorer.

Moving on, let's talk about streaming video game footage on services like Twitch, YouTube, and UStream.  The Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 have made it easier than ever to broadcast your gameplay.  I've even been experimenting with it through my Twitch and YouTube channels.  Do you enjoy watching these live shows and archive recordings of other people playing games?  Do you broadcast games yourself?  Or are you puzzled by the growing popularity of these services?  Let's hear your thoughts.