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The GaMERCaT Provides Your Kitty Gaming Comic Needs

Consistently entertaining webcomics about video games are hard to find.  So many of them drop off in quantity and quality so quickly, so to find one that updates on a regular basis with hilarious ideas at heart is rare.  That's why I feel it my duty to point you in the direction of a new favorite comic when I find one, and today I have to tell you about The GaMERCaT, a webcomic created by Samantha Whitten about a game-playing cat and the challenges he faces trying to pursue his hobby in a human world.  I'm not really a cat fan, but the characters in the comic are endearing.  Some strips focus on Gamercat and his little kitten buddy, Glitch, trying to procure the latest and greatest games, while others place the characters into popular games of the day such as Super Mario 3D World, Assassin's Creed, The Legend of Zelda, and Watch Dogs to play with the expected conventions.  There's a sizeable archive of strips, but be sure to check out a few of my favorites.