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Health Update

Dr. MarioI'd like to break from my usual video game ramblings for something a little more personal.  If you've been reading PTB for the last few months, then you'll remember that I've had a terrible time with my health this year.  After one hospitalization for malnutrition and dehydration tied to my ongoing fight with Crohn's Disease, I had to go for a second stay in the hospital for intestinal surgery.  My surgeon wasn't able to complete the entire scope of the surgery at that time, but he did what he could and closed me back up to recover for a few months until my body was ready for the rest of the procedure.  Well, it's time.  In two weeks, I'll be away for what should only be a week or so to go for yet another surgery. 

This one isn't as dire; for one, I'm healthier than I was for the last one.  I had lost a lot of weight prior to the last procedure to the point that I was nearly as skeletal as some of those Castlevania monsters that throw bones.  I was too weak to even climb the stairs in my home.  Now I've put on some doctor-ordered weight and built myself back up to where I've been up and around and back to my day job for over about a month.  I've been able to eat since March whereas prior to the last surgery, I hadn't been able to keep any food down for two months.  I've even regained the ability to eat a few foods that I hadn't been able to safely digest in twenty years.  I'm in a lot less pain now than I was then, too.  I'm optimistic about this upcoming procedure, and when it's done I'll be at home recovering for another month, and then I can finally start to put this rotten year behind me and get back to business. 

I've largely been in a holding pattern since the last surgery as one complication after another surfaced, and having my small intestine temporarily disconnected has been a life-changing challenge.  It's been very difficult for me to handle it, but part of what's kept me going is all of you out there who show up to read what I have to say and listen to our podcast.  It means a lot to me to have you as my audience and that so many of you have been reading since the early days.  PTB turns ten years old next March.  Ten years!  I never imagined this project would turn out to be as successful as it's become.  We'll celebrate in style next year, but for now let me just close this message by saying thank you all for sticking with me through the fun times and the rough stuff.  I have about two weeks before I'm gone for a while, but I'm planning to leave you with some new content set to auto-publish each day in my absence, and Blake Grundman and I have recorded some extra podcasts for just this kind of event, so if I can get those edited in time, you'll have some new shows to listen to as well.

Thanks again, gang.  There's still a lot more to do.  Now back to the regularly scheduled video game coverage.