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RyuAccording to official Capcom sources (e.g., the character bio from the Super NES version of Street Fighter II), today is Street Fighter protagonist Ryu's birthday.  Born July 21, 1964, today marks the World Warrior's fiftieth birthday.  He's in pretty good shape for a fifty-year-old considering his prowess with Hadokens and Shoryukens, but what really makes me wonder about the realism of the Street Fighter series is that his weight as of Street Fighter II was 150 lbs. 150?!  Earlier this year at my absolute weakest and sickest, I dropped down to 160 lbs. and I was very skeletal.  I can buy into the franchise's crazy martial arts antics and supernatural attacks, but I just cannot believe that Ryu weighs a mere 150 lbs.  Pixels must be less dense than actual muscle, or perhaps Ryu lied on a registration form he filled out when entering the tournament.

Funny; my tweet of this image went super viral and picked up over 9,000 retweets.  My podcast pal Blake Grundman warned me that I'd probably never achieve this level of Internet fame again.  If I have to be known as "the Ryu birthday guy" when the history of Twitter is written, then I can live with that.

(via Reddit)