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Xbox One TV Commercial Is Controlling Consoles

Xbox OneMicrosoft has a slick new television commercial in circulation right now that shows off the Xbox One's voice command features via Kinect.  The spokesman in the commercial shows how easy it is to control the console with just a few spoken phrases like "Xbox on".  It demonstrates that the future is here, but like many innovations, there are unintended side effects.  Gizmodo reports that the commercial is triggering actual Xbox Ones that hear the commercial and causing them to act accordingly.

The Xbox One has a new advert starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. Standard. But what is strange is that as he shouts "Xbox On" near its start, consoles around the world are firing up.

It seems that—perhaps unsurprisingly—the voice command triggers the machine's Kinect voice/motion sensor, activating the console.

Oops.  I'm reminded of an early idea for television remote controls, the Flashmatic, that used photoelectric sensors embedded in the TV to control channel selection and volume level.  Users had to point a flashlight at each sensor to trigger the desired action.  The problem with this is that exposing a TV to sunlight caused all the sensors to activate at once.  Let's just be glad that the commercial doesn't show off any system management functions.  It's probably for the best that "Xbox format hard drive" isn't a valid command.