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Watch Me Play The New Deadpool Zen Pinball 2 Table

I finally got around to streaming some video game action this evening, and what could be better than kicking things off with an unreleased game?  Zen Studios set me up with early access to their new Deadpool pinball table for Zen Pinball 2, so it seemed only right to share the wealth with the Twitch audience.  Thanks to the few folks that showed up early on a Thursday evening; it's not exactly primetime viewing hours, but good enough for a test of this whole streaming thing.  Miss the show?  Here's the archived recording for your enjoyment.  Since I'm very new to the Deadpool table, I'm pretty terrible at it, but I do usually get better at this things, so stick around for future streams and higher scores.  I'll be streaming again this weekend, so be sure to subscribe to the PTB Twitch channel and watch for notices of future shows.

Don't have an hour to spare? Take ten minutes and watch the best scoring session of the evening in this highlight clip.