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The pinball wizards at Zen Studios have done wonderful things with licensed tables based on the Marvel and Star Wars universes, but now the company is tackling a new franchise.  Later this summer we'll see the release of a new table for Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball Fx2 based on The Walking Dead game from Telltale Games.  This is a pinball table based on a video game based on a television show based on a comic book.  This rabbit hole goes very deep.

The Walking Dead pinball table features choice-driven gameplay across each of Season One’s five episodes, along with original story dialogue from the award-winning cast.  Scenarios include choosing who to save and who to leave behind in a walker attack, solving problems and raising morale within the group, searching for food and supplies, acquiring important tools, and navigating through the herd amidst an oncoming walker breach. Check out the trailer below to see the new table in action!

I'm not a fan of the Walking Dead franchise, but I do love Zen's products, so I'm going to have to play this table even though I'll have no idea what's going on at first.  It'll be available across Zen's pinball platforms on consoles, PC, and mobile devices, so there'll be plenty of ways to try it.  I can hear my podcast co-host and pinball competitor Blake Grundman salivating from here.