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The Rarest PS3 Game Ever Is About To Be Released

Class of Heroes 2GIt's not often that you get an alert that a video game is going to be rare before it is even released, but MonkeyPaw Games has put out the word that it's on the verge of sending Class of Heroes 2G for the Sony PlayStation 3 out into the world as a one-time, limited printing.  Available only by preorder, Monkeypaw will print enough copies to meet initial demand and then plans no further releases.  Don't expect to find this game at retail.  Here's my old Kombo pal Ryan Olsen now of MonkeyPaw to fill us in:

We can’t stress enough how limited these copies will be. Once we’re done taking presales, that’s it. No more copies will ever be reprinted. This will make Class of Heroes 2G one of the rarest disc based releases on the PS3. The cost of the game will be $49.99 for the game and an additional $4 for shipping/handling.

There's some extra goodies included in the package as well.  If you're a collector who dreams of retiring to a private island one day because you had the foresight to keep that copy of Chrono Trigger for the Super NES in its original sealed package, then this might be a game to pick up and put away for later.  Ryan told us about this impending release a few weeks ago in Episode 127 of the Power Button podcast so you had fair warning that this was coming, but if you want a copy either to play or to hoard, now is the time to act.