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Super Smash Bros for 3DSMost of the focus and glory lately when it comes to the upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles has gone to the Wii U version of the game, but there is a handheld iteration on the way for the Nintendo 3DS as well.  How is it shaping up?  What sets is apart from the Wii U version?  Does it ellicit as many smiles?  Nadia Oxford recently spent seven minutes with the game and answers a number of questions about it over at About.com's Nintendo DS base of operations.  Here's a brief impression of the game's exclusive Smash Run mode:

Smash Run is what Brawl's Subspace Emissary should have been - Smash Run is filled to the brim with enemies to wallop and obstacles to surmount. Bad guys from multiple games make appearances, and saying "hi" to these acquaintances (with Mega Man's fist) made me feel warm.

Even though I only experienced a sliver of Smash Run, I feel it's more interesting and charismatic than the Subspace Emissary single-player adventure mode in Super Smash Bros Brawl. The terrain is more varied and fun to clamber over, plus Smash Run's familiar enemies are more fun to greet and fight than Emissary's blank, shadowy enemies.  

One of Brawl's most glaring oversights is not using established enemies from the starring franchises in the Subspace Emissary mode.  I'm glad to hear that Nintendo listened to the feedback from that decision and has made the effort to pivot the other way in the 3DS Smash title and include familar elements.  I'm looking forward to the 3DS version, will certainly pick it up at launch, and tear through it just as I will the Wii U version.  While I haven't yet played it myself, it seems like skipping the handheld version of Smash would be a mistake.  It sounds like we're beyond the days when portable fighters would cut characters and stages to fit into a tiny cartridge.  This isn't Street Fighter II for the Game Boy, after all.