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Mortal Kombat X Coming In 2015

Series mastermind Ed Boon revealed the announcement trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X this morning.  Check out this quick look at Scorpion and Sub-Zero beating the stuffing out of each other.  The game is coming in 2015 for the Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 4 as well as the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and that's basically all we know for sure, although the trailer suggests the return of the x-ray attacks from the previous game in the series.  Short tease, get the fans hyped, cue the unsubstantiated news that assumes all sorts of things in the name of quick page hits.  Cynical?  Sure, but we've seen it all before time and again.  Still, this trailer is a neat showcase of the basic Mortal Kombat experience.  I want to see more, but I'm happy to wait for concrete details rather than leap to conclusions.  In the meantime, hey, cool trailer.