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Mario Kart

Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 has taken some heat for the multiple clone characters on the driver list instead of additional original characters.  For every Mario there's a Baby Mario and a Metal Mario.  Princess Peach has a baby and a golden incarnation.  Then there's the baby forms of Luigi and Rosalina in addition to the adult versions.  How much more filler could there be on that list?  Yves Bourgelas answers that question with this comic depicting a future installment of Mario Kart that goes overboard on the variant clones.  Are you ready to hit the road as Teen Peach or Grandpa Mario?

So yeah, I’m not really complaining about the presence of Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach in Mario Kart 8, I’m just poking fun at what it might come to if Nintendo keeps the same path (which they won’t… won’t they?). My bets are on Angsty Teen Mario.

The baby versions of the characters are way out of hand; I'm honestly shocked that the preexisting Baby Wario and Baby Donkey Kong weren't also included.  There's a Baby Bowser out there in the world of Nintendo, too, just waiting for some future sequel.  The metallic variants are odd inclusions, too.  Where are characters more worthy of appearing?  Show me Kamek, Birdo, and Boom Boom.  Give me obscure characters like Wart, Tatanga, and even Pauline.  Baby Mario and Baby Luigi were fun inclusions are first, but the variants have spiraled way out of control.  At least we'll always have Green Mario.

(via Reddit)