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Me2Fans of last generation's Mirror's Edge from Electronic Arts and DICE have something to be happy about today as the long-awaited sequel/reboot was shown in a rough, early conceptual form at EA's annual E3 press conference.  The Edge team went back to the basic formula that made the original game so unique to further refine the parkour movement and better focus on protagonist Faith's combat abilities.  Now she can use speed and momentum better to her advantage rather than just yanking guns out of enemy hands.  Take a look at this video of the early conceptual footage and listen to some of the developers talk about the vision for the next Mirror's Edge.

I figured that this announcement would be just about universally appreciated, but the Internet is not so easily pleased.  There's plenty of anger and frustration out there because EA/DICE isn't further along with the game and dared to show it in such a rough, early form.  Personally, I'm overjoyed that we have a developer and a publisher comfortable enough with their project that they feel confident in showing the public very early footage that we typically do not get to see.  No, you won't be playing Mirror's Edge 2 (or whatever it's called in the end) this year.  So what?  They're working on it.  As far as I'm concerned, the developers can take all the time they need to get it right.  No rush!  I know we live in a culture of instant gratification, but being angry that a game shown at a trade show press conference isn't close to complete is ridiculous.  Would these angry people rather that EA show us nothing and continue to deny that the game is in development?  That's how these things usually go.  Consider Sony and Team Ico's The Last Guardian and how it's been kept under wraps so tightly that there's legitimate doubt as to whether or not it's still an active project.  People complain about that lack of exposure and they complain when we're shown that a project actually exists.  I swear, some people are just never happy.