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E3 2014: Mario Maker Level Creator Sparks Smiles

Mario MakerOne of Nintendo's neatest surprises at E3 2014 isn't even a proper game.  Mario Maker is more of a creative toy that allows players to create their own Super Mario Bros. levels using a modified version of Nintendo's own actual level building toolkit combined with a bit of 1992's Mario Paint.  You'll be able to place your own pipes, power-ups, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Piranha Plants, and more, tweak your designs with testing capabilities, and eventually share them with friends.  Espeically neat is how you can change the visual design between a slightly improved 8-bit motif and a modern New Super Mario Bros. interpretation.  If I'm not careful, I'll let the charm of Mario Maker persuade me to name it the game of the show.  How can I be so certain?  Spend some time watching a Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 segment with one of Super Mario Bros.'s original developers, Takashi Tezuka, and I think you'll be swayed by Mario Maker as well.

The Wii U is the perfect platformer for Mario Maker and very appealing to those of us who grew up with Super Mario Bros. and always wanted to create our own levels.  Sure, there have been unofficial ways to do this kind of thing in the emulation world for years (ROM hacks are nothing new), but seeing a major video game publisher get behind remixing its own most recognized hit game from thirty years ago is such a breath of fresh air.  Nintendo is willing to experiment in order to try to get back on top of things.  It's been said many times that when Nintendo is in panic mode, amazing things happen.  Mario Maker is one of those amazing things.  It's due out in 2015.  I'm going to buy it right away.  I hope you will too.  We'll swap levels!