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GameCube controller adapter for Wii UIf you're eager to play the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U with an old fashioned Nintendo GameCube controller, then you're in luck.  While Nintendo had previously shown an adapter that allowed the classic GameCube controller to connect to the Wii U, we had no idea how much the gizmo would cost or when it would be available.  Today Nintendo of America clarified a few things about the accessory and set a reasonable cost of $20 for it.  However, if you're long since divested yourself of GameCube controllers or just need to pick up some extras for Smash, then your best bet would be to pick up the special Smash bundle for $99.99 which includes Super Smash Bros., the adapter, and a single GCN controller.  Individual controllers will also be available for $30, but your old controllers will work just fine.  Wavebirds, too!  It's all available to buy when Smash launches this holiday season.  If your Smash skills revolve around the GameCube controller, then you won't be left out in the cold or have to learn how to use a Wii remote to play. 

It's a smart move on Nintendo's part to offer these adapters and controllers even if the GamePad and Pro controllers offer enough buttons in a comfortable design comparable to the GCN controllers.  It would be all too easy an excuse for naysayers to proclaim "I need my GCN controllers to play Smash, so I'm not buying this new one!" and be done with it, but the company has anticipated that reaction and cut it off at the pass.  I don't know if I'll pick one of these up considering that I'm comfortable with the idea of using the GamePad, but I'm prepared to buy an adapter if I change my mind.  It's great to keep one's options open!