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Conan O'Brien Tours E3 2014

Conan O'Brien is exploring the video game world again, this time dropping in on E3 2014 to see what's going on with all the new titles and hardware.  Watch as Conan taps into his German side for the new Forza, gets a little too intimate with Sony's Project Morpheus demo, attracts a bevy of women to watch him play Nintendo's Hyrule Warriors, and other hilarity.  The whole segment is framed as a case of "local nerd makes good" mixed with "what the hell is this?", but it's obvious that Conan is playing up the clueless gamer aspect of his shtick.  It's extremely funny and worth a watch, but you can tell that he's feigning some of his lack of knowledge about some of the more obvious parts of games that have bled into pop culture at large.  We talked a little on a recent episode of Power Button about how the Clueless Gamer segments of Conan are essentially paid advertising and I don't doubt for a moment that similar financial arrangements impacted which booths Conan visited and which games he played, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining.