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A Brief History Of Handheld Revisions

Welcome To The High Definition Galaxy

Super Mario GalaxyNintendo's two Super Mario Galaxy titles for the Wii are some the best games available on the system, but thanks to the Wii's maximum visual output of a paltry 480p, we missed out on seeing these amazing adventures presented in high definition.  What would the Galaxy games look like had they been created for the HD era?  There's a video on YouTube courtesy of Nintendo Life that proposes to answer that question with a fantastic look at Galaxy running in high definition thanks to the magic of a Wii emulator.  The game scales up beautifully and it's a shame that the Wii U cannot perform this kind of magic when playing a regular Wii game as the Sony PlayStation 3 can slightly improve older PlayStation classics.  While it's tempting to want Nintendo to remaster Galaxy for a Wii U re-release, I'd rather see the company working on new projects.  However, that said, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up such a product if it existed.  Crank up the streaming quality on this video and watch it on the largest screen you have.  It'll knock your plumber's cap off.