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So I Bought A Wii U

Wii UAfter delaying and dragging my feet for over a year, I finally took the plunge and bought a Nintendo Wii U this week.  I chose the bundle that includes the 32GB deluxe model with New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U included and picked up Super Mario 3D World to go with it.  Installation took less than twenty minutes, the dreaded system update was as tedious as promised, and it took some juggling of wires and power strips to plug in everything.  Once it was done and the Wii U plaza menu appeared, it was smooth sailing through fun seas. 

While so far I've only played Mario games and tinkered with the Nintendo TVii function (not sure how often I'll use that one), I'm impressed and glad that I bought it.  I have a list of games on which to catch up as time goes by and plenty of upcoming releases that I have my eye on.  I need to play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the two NES Remix games, and Mario Kart 8.  I'll choose The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker as my free game from the Mario Kart promotionSuper Smash Bros. is a must-buy.  As you can probaby tell, I bought a Wii U for Nintendo's impressive games.  I'd love to bring a third-party in on the action, but I'll keep my multiplatform gaming on the Sony PlayStation 4.  I wanted a Nintendo box.  I got one.  If you'd like to suggest any must-play Wii U games, please do.  I'm eager to get the most out of my purchase.