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Pushmo World (aka Pullblox World) Coming To Wii U

PushmoNintendo's eShop darlings Pushmo and Crashmo are about to be joined by a third in the series of push-me/pull-you block puzzler games.  Pushmo World (Pullblox World in Europe and Japan) is headed to the Wii U as an eShop download on June 19 worldwide.  Join protagonist Mallo for 250 new spatial challenges, a training area for Pushmo newbies, an extensive suite of puzzle creation tools, and even cross-compatibility between the new sequel and the original Nintendo 3DS Pushmo.  Puzzles created for one game will work with the other thanks to the magic of scannable QR codes.  I think Nintendo is starting to get the hang of this whole cross-platform deal.  Here's some of the press release:

In addition to the numerous puzzles included in the game, Pushmo World features almost endless replay value by letting players create their own puzzles using a selection of tools in Pushmo Studio. Once completed and solved by the creator, the puzzles created in Pushmo Studio can be shared using multiple options: Players can use the built-in QR Code generator to create QR Code patterns for each puzzle they create, or they can send their custom puzzles to the World Pushmo Fair, where players from all around the world with broadband Internet access can play and rate them. Players can also browse the fair to play and collect puzzles created by other players around the world.

World Pushmo Fair is the main hub of Pushmo World and serves as an interface to the Pushmo World Miiverse community. Players will even find new puzzles created by the game’s developers in World Pushmo Fair. If players find a puzzle they love, they can leave feedback and even give it a friendly “Yeah!” in Miiverse via World Pushmo Fair. With an intuitive interface, World Pushmo Fair is an easy way for all players to find and share a near-endless amount of fun puzzles.

I completely enjoyed Pushmo and Crashmo even if the puzzles became especially unforgiving in later levels.  Pushmo is a perfect addition to the Wii U library considering the GamePad's touchscreen providing a larger canvas for puzzle creation and Miiverse integration is always welcome.  It's not a reason to buy a Wii U and won't sell many consoles, but for those of us who already own one and enjoy the series, Pushmo World is an instant buy title. 

Pushmo World

Pushmo World

Pushmo World

For more screenshots and art assets, check out this Imgur gallery while GoNintendo has a condensed fact sheet.