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Playstation PlusSony has decided to change how often it hands out free games as part of PlayStation Plus's Instant Game Collection.  Previously the program offered free downloads of games on various Tuesdays throughout the month for a limited time, and no two games seemingly had the same expiration date on your window of opportunity to claim them.  Street Fighter X Tekken may only be around for a week, while Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception would be available for a year, but Limbo has two weeks of time, etc.  It was confusing and difficult to keep track of how long you had to claim the games.  Starting in July, Plus games will become available on the first Tuesday of the month and remain available for the entire month.  No more new game each week; instead you'll get all of them at once in bulk.  Here's how the PlayStation Blog explains it:

Since we’ve seen how excited many of you are to download Instant Game Collection titles as soon as they’re available, we’ve decided to adjust the length of time each title will be available.  Starting in July, every title in the Instant Game Collection will be available the first Tuesday of the month, and will be free for the month, until the first Tuesday of the following month, taking the guesswork out of how long the game will be available for free. In the coming weeks, you’ll see that several of the titles that have had a nice, long stint in the Instant Game Collection will be phased out, so if you’re new to the service and haven’t had a chance to download all of the titles available through PS Plus — or if you’ve been thinking about subscribing but haven’t yet — now is the perfect time to get all the great games available with PS Plus.

In an effort to better balance the types of games offered, there are changes coming to how many games will be available, too.

Since we are always looking to continue evolving PS Plus to be a service that really serves our community, we are excited to provide a more balanced set of games introduced each month with PS Plus.   As you’ll see below, starting in June, members will have access to two titles per month for each of our platforms.

The blog's comments are already loaded with complaints from players with entitlement complexes demanding all the best PS4 games for free right now, of course.  As long as the free games keep coming and we don't see Plus revert back to the days of PS1 and PSP Minis representing the bulk of the catalog, I think we'll be fine.  It's too early to expect the major blockbusters of the PlayStation 4 to join the program, but they'll come in time.  The PS Vita will continue to be a haven for indie games.  With the PlayStation 3's lifespan coming to a close for new major blockbusters, some of the recent titles that have sold about all they're going to sell will certainly appear for free (Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time is due out next month on Plus, for instance).  Let's see how the program changes impact the titles offered before bringing out the pitchforks and torches.  While it can be dangerous to blindly trust a company, I think Sony's PlayStation division has earned the benefit of the doubt considering how well they've responded to consumer feedback over the past year.