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But What Did The Critics Say?

BubsySome video games are better remembered today than others, but time has a funny way of altering perceptions.  What was once seen as marvelous is today trash and vice-versa.  It's interesting to look back at what critics said about famous (or infamous) games at the time of their release and Defunct Games has done just that with a recurring feature called Review Crew.  Scouring old magazines such as Electronic Gaming Monthly and GamePro, Cyril Lachel reminds us that there was a time where Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind was highly recommend and EarthBound was considered a backwards bore.  For instance, here's what Feline Groovy (probably not this person's real name) had to say about Bubsy's first adventure in the May 1993 issue of GamePro:

"The cat is out of the bag -- at last! Bubsy is a must for any gamer's library. Hot on the trail of Sonic the Hedgehog, this cat really moves! He may not be as fast as Sonic, but he definitely has a lot more purrrrr- sonality. This cat's excellent graphics and great digitized voice make this rollicking, multi-scrolling adventure well worth the wait."

Other games given the time capsule treatment include Donkey Kong Country, Sonic CD, Altered Beast, Mortal Kombat, Ecco the Dolphin, Gunstar Heroes, and even Bad Dudes.  It's fun to see what the enthusiast press through of these games in context of their time and has me wondering how today's games will be recalled tomorrow.  Could my beloved Bionic Commando find its audience?  Well, anything is possible!