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Game BoyNintendo's famous Game Boy celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary this week and to mark the occasion the community at USgamer is telling stories and sharing personal histories related to the handheld gaming system.  There's a variety of tales told from many different perspectives and time frames.  My story about my custom Game Boy storage case is even included in case you missed it here the first time around.  Rather than quote my own article here (my ego isn't that out of control!), I'll use Jaz Rignall's comments as an example of the kind of goodness and introspection you'll find in this article.

The first time I saw Game Boy was in a Japanese magazine a few months before its launch. I didn't understand the words, but I didn't have to. I knew exactly what it was, and immediately set about finding the means to import one into the UK, where I was living at the time. After much calling around, I finally found a friendly, English-speaking exporter who said he'd buy one and send it to me. Good to his word, it arrived a few weeks after the system hit the streets in Japan - and was one of the very first in the UK. 

Everything about it just blew me away. Compared to today's svelte hand-helds, the classic Game Boy feels like quite a brick, but back then it was sensational: a machine that finally enabled you to play "real" games without having to sit in front of a TV. I took it absolutely everywhere, but played it the most on my two-hour daily rail commute. I can't tell you how many people asked me what it was I was playing with. Every time I showed it to them, they thought it was absolutely amazing. 

Participate in the gaming community long enough and you'll find many topics come up time and time again.  I'll point you to some of PTB's coverage of the Game Boy's twentieth anniversary back in 2009 that links to some great stories and remembrances of a similar nature.  Perhaps I should re-release that coverage as Game Boy Anniversary Pocket and, later, Game Boy Anniversary Color.